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What’s on Tap

Bone Dry The champagne yeast used in this cider consumes all available sugar during fermentation, so it is very dry. The yeast lends peach notes that makes this cider taste like a sauvignon blanc. 6.9% ABV

Stumped This dry cider has been aged on new American oak for a couple months.You’ll get vanilla on the nose and a roasted nut finish. The tannins from the oak smooth out any rough edges. 6.9% ABV

Violet Beauregarde A fruit-forward cider with a tart apple base, enhanced by blueberries for a subtly sweet finish. 6.8% ABV

Never Say Never We’ve been asked many times when our rosé cider would hit the taps, since everyone’s doing one. We thought it was a passing fad, but boy were we wrong. Applying our signature style of dry and refreshing, we turned the flavor profile from ‘‘too sweet’ to complex and well-balanced. 6.8% ABV

Local Partner: The Ginger Using cracked ginger from Evanston’s beloved Spice House, we’ve mixed up a blend with a bit more bite. Adding just a touch of sweetness, this flavor is sure to taunt your tastebuds. 6.8% ABV

Limited Batch: Monet Monet Inspired by Monet’s Lavender Fields, this cider is infused with lavender and dried orange peel. It’s floral and tart. 6.9% ABV

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