One Year Anniversary Party – 2/24

Come join us for our one year anniversary party on Feb. 24. We’ve tapped a new cider: Old Timer.  We’ll be having Three Legged Tacos in the cidery from 6p – 9p. We’re also discounting our 12 oz pours of cider by $1. Enjoy some cider and traditional Mexican tacos.

Three Legged Tacos is a food truck, catering and popup company with a commitment to supporting other local Chicago businesses and charitable causes.

They prepare traditionally-inspired Oaxacan and Yucatecan Mexican food. For the most part they put these regional dishes into taco form – a more accessible way to enjoy the richness of the flavors.

Three Legged Tacos has a firm commitment to supporting local purveyors, charities and non-profits, including organizations like the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Heartland Animal Shelter through the standing commitment of 3% of their profits.

We will NOT be accepting Groupons during the event.

Introducing Our Newest Cider: Old Timer

Old Timer is made from a blend of heritage apples suited for cider making. We’ve used Wickson Crab, Tremmlett’s Bitter, Winesap and King David apples to develop this unique cider. Fermented with our usual yeast, the apples shine through. It’s now on tap. Come on in and try Old Timer.

Upcoming Ciders

Now that most of the apples have been harvested, we’re focusing on making new ciders. First of all, Bone Dry and Au Naturel will be back. Look for those to be on tap in the new year. Second, we’re working with an additional orchard this year – Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in Eureka, Michigan. They have an exceptional variety of cider and heritage apples as well as pears. We’re working on a perry that we milled and pressed at the cidery a few weeks ago. Look for that to be available in January. We’re also fermenting a blend of cider apples including the famous Wickson crab. We also have yeast working on a single varietal cider which uses Arkansas Black apples. Now we just have to find space on tap!

We’re Now Open!

Stop by and check out our ciders made from apples organically farmed in Michigan.

We currently have six ciders on tap with more planned in the rotation. Most of our ciders are fermented to dryness but we have a crowd favorite semi-sweet cider – “Sellout”!